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Om Srim Adhi Bramha Devaya Namaha

Agathiar Jeeva Nadi

Read From Ancient Palm leaves to Solve All Problems

What is Nadi Jothidam & Sasthram?

     The Nadi Jothidam was founded by Lord Agasthyar. Lord Agasthyar wrote the Jeevanadi Sasthram. This is Two Thousand years old. This is Ancient Palm leaves and Ancient Tamil language. The Nadi Reader is become a medians between God and the People he reads and tells every thing from the Lord Agasthya says. The letters appears only at the time of reading. Letter change automatically at the time of reading. The Jothy Pooja gives a power of reading. This is the great science of the world. Nadi Reader's pronouncements are made through ancient Nadi Sastras in books made of the Palm Leaves and read out by trained medians.


Nadi Reader - Y. Mohana Sundaram

     I have given readings to many great and important men around the world. My Palm leaf manuscripts were inherited from my father, and they have been in my family for 250 years above. I am doing this work for more than 60 years. I have given many readings to the people's growth. Not only in India, especially in U.S.A, Germany & other countries.
    I built a temple in U.S.A through Nadi reading as well as in Chennai (India) Besant Nagar Lord Murugan Temple and Jothy Temple.
    When I read, Lord Agasthya comes in my  body and predicts about the people's horoscope.  This is called Median.
           Many Magazines and Astrological Magazines (Foreign) has written about me and about my Nadi Sasthras.


Contents of Jeevanadi

Lagna Bava (Birth sign)

Introducing Part of Beginning Prediction

Family Wealth Finance problems and Family Problem
Brothers & Sisters Relation between brothers & sisters
Mother, Education, House, Vehicle Mother's Health, Higher education, Buying House and Vehicles
Children Advantages and Disadvantages of Children's Behavior 
Debt, Health Enemy Health condition, Enemy surrender or not, debt problems solved or not. (Mesmerism)
Marriage Time of marriage, After Marriage, problems solved or not. 
Life Age of lifetime, Prediction about problems in life time
Father (Poorva Punniyam) Father's life about the father's wealth 
Business Foreign trade or local Business Independent life or workman
Speculation How to get money from Gambling, Ladies, Friends, Foreign people
Re-Birth Gnana Motcha Ganda
   We have a Remedy Ganda for all the ganda above mentioned.
Jeevanadi is seen only here.
Contact Address
Y. Mohana Sundaram
Old No. 1/1, New No. 3, 
East Mada St., Nugambakkam, 
Chennai - 600 034. India
Ph: 044-8221744

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